How Can I Change The Background Of My Windows Vista ?

Here’s how you can Jazz up your desktop that’s running on Windows Vista. Windows Vista covers up it’s desktop with pretty pictures known as background. Most people refer to the background as wallpaper.
By default, Windows Vista has a plain background which can be changed. When you tire of the Vista’s normal scenic garb, choose your own picture — any picture stored on your computer:

1> Right – click a blank part of the desktop, choose Personalize, and click the Desktop Background option.

2> Click any of the pictures, and Vista quickly places it onto your desktop’s background. Found something you love to kee? Click the Save button to keep it on your desktop

3> You can use any of your favorite pictures as the background, then navigate to the folder where you have your pictures stored, select the picture and your chosen photo stays to your desktop as the background.

That’s it, you are done and your system has a new wallpaper 🙂



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