Trick to Change the Autosave Frequency or Autosave Intervals in WordPress has come out with several versions after the immense success of WordPress 2.0. More than 1.8 million WordPress copies have been downloaded all around the world.

WordPress Developers, thoughtfully, have included the AutoSave feature in the widely popular Blog publishing system ever since the release of the 2.1 version. This feature has become a lasting fixture in all the versions released after the WordPress 2.0, which means that your HTML files will get saved once in every 60 seconds while you are working.

The advantage of AutoSave feature is that you don’t lose any data as it automatically gets saved and stored in the form of a draft or a page every minute. Another added advantage here is that you have the spell check and search engine option enabled. However, some developers would prefer having longer durations, like maybe 5 minutes for saving their works.

To Delay the data saving time:

To be able to change the time interval or the occurrence for which the WordPress auto-save feature will save your data and content in the Visual Editor, you could easily do it using the AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL function.

This command will help you configure and set up a new rule for the time interval to save your data automatically. The constant could then be added in the wp-config.php configuration file within WordPress whose location is in the root directory. In simple words, you will be able to change the frequency of AutoSave according to your preferences.

You will need to open the above mentioned PHP file with a notepad or any other HTML editor. The syntax of the line that you will need to add to this file in order to extend the Autosave frequency to 5 minutes in WordPress is:

define(’AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 300);

You can save the file and upload it again, or you could just save it if you are editing it online. Now the WordPress will auto-save your editing pages or posts for every 5 minutes or 300 seconds instead of the default 60 seconds. If you have any other preferences for Autosave frequency, you can similarly change the AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL constant according to your needs.

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