How Can I Check / Find Invisible Users In GTalk, Gmail Chat, Google Talk??

My previous post was – how to be invisible on Gtalk, Gmail chat, Google talk, to your friends. I was curious, naturally to find, if there were ways to find if any of my friends were invisible.

I know there might be arguments saying, if someone wanted to be invisible, they probably chose to be so, and would not like their privacy being breached. However, there is a counter argument for that can be found here.

Now coming to, if we can find if other users are invisible on Gtalk, Gmail chat, there are a few solutions I could came across when googling:

1> Found this one on Google help forum for GTalk / Gmail chat:

Let’s assume you suspect a friend is playing the ‘invisible’ game. First, go ‘off the record’. Then open a chat window session and send a test message (you just send a ‘Hi’). Now, if your friend is actually invisible, the message gets delivered normally, on the other hand, if the user is offline, you’ll get a message saying – ‘The user is offline at the moment and your message will be delivered when they login next time’.

I’ve tested this to an extent and this one seems to work fine without any issue.

2> This Perl script written by Srijith helps you find invisible users in Gmail.

Srijith’s code works like a charm on Linux, link:

Windows users do not have to worry as Vyompv, makes it easier for all Windows user (This was his comment on Srijith’s blog. Scroll down to download Windows version installer):

I got it worked at last in Windows. [i tried in Windows XP]
Guys download the perl from here [38MB file] and then from the programs menu take the command prompt from strawberry perl. And then type->cpan [ i have tried with normal command prompt it works smooth]
install these modules: [format to type inside cpan prompt->install ]
All will get installed without error [as it does in linux]

After that download send-xmpp from here [download this file sendxmpp-0.0.8.tar.gz.] .Hope you already have Winrar for extracting that file. [may be it works with zip, i didnt check it]
Extract the send-xmpp file and via command prompt go to that folder where its extracted and then do these commands:
1)perl Makefile.PL
3)dmake install

Thats it. Now copy the above script [be careful while copying hope you don’t make mistake] and paste in NOTEPAD [not wordpad] and save as “” [Save as type All files and ANSI encoding. [save the file with quotes]
and then take the command prompt to the place where you kept that file and then type->perl
I got the result without any error 🙂 . Hope you also enjoy the output.

3> vyompv’s Windows Installer:

You can download the older version of the software from here, and the new version, which is named as Atiguhyam, from here.


  1. Hey i have trouble writing cpan and everythin..Its giving an error of no perl input file.
    I am very new to command prompt.can u write it the way it has to be written in the strwbry perl for win 7.

  2. @Alec – There was a patch update from Google and unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore. I’ll update you with new way to achieve the same as soon as possible.

  3. hi Gautam both 2> windows version and 3> are myself vyompv. Please remove vyomp’s put if you can as vyompv’s.
    Thanks a lot again ..


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