I always wondered which other sites were hosted on the same IP on which my site was hosted. And the reason to hunt various sites hosted on my server are many.

Firstly, my site is hosted on a reseller account, as at this point I have no reason why I have to shift my site to dedicated server (cost cutting).

I constantly watch who my neighbors are. They share the same IP as my site, which means SE’s see some similarities among us. So I need to ensure I do not have too many ‘Bad Guys’ around me. Universal fact is that if you are often seen with a group of ‘Bad People’, inadvertantly you too are ONE.

Sometimes I get just too curous and can’t resist myself from peeking on my neighbors 😀 .. Bad habbits dun die soon … do they 😛

I use YouGetSignal’s reverse IP domain check service to Find Other Websites Hosted On A Web Server.


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