How Can I Clean Up My Messy Desktop – Tips To Arrange Files In Desktop

In this post you can learn how to reduce the clutter on your Windows Vista desktop, butĀ organizingĀ all the icons on your desktop in a better manner. There are various options available to organize or clean up the messy desktop in Windows Vista, they are (Click the mouse on empty space in desktop and right-click, a menu will pop-up, choose sort from that menu and you are presented with the following options):

1> Name: If you like to see the icons in alphabetical order, then choose this option, and all the icons will be arranged alphabetically.

2> Size: The smallest files will be placed at the top and the bigger files towards the end of the vertical rows, if you select this option.

3> Type: Do you want to group different types of files together, for ex: keep all the MP3s in one place and all the video files together and such, then choose this option.

4> Date Modified: If you choose this option, the most recently edited file will be placed at last, when compared to the other files which have not been edited in a while.

2 Replies to “How Can I Clean Up My Messy Desktop – Tips To Arrange Files In Desktop”

  1. An ever better option, by being free, is the program “Belvedere” which can be found by doing a search on

    Does pretty near everything that RoboBasket does without costing a penny!


  2. Try RoboBasket from
    It’s an auto file sorter software which can automatically move, rename, delete, copy your files according to user defined rules. Save a lot of time an effort.

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