Deleting the Browsing History in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

The Internet Explorer web browser stores a large amount of information on your PC while you are surfing the web. This can be in the form of temporary internet files, cookies, lists of sites you have visited, etc. The primary logic behind this is to facilitate faster uploading of sites on the browser when you visit a site from the second time on. However, it is a good idea to delete this content from time to time to prevent clogging. This article will tell you how to delete the historic content in Internet Explorer 8.

  1. Launch Internet Explorer 7 / 8.
  2. Click on the Tools option in the toolbar to the top and left of the browser, and from the drop-down menu that comes up, click on Internet Options (as shown below in figure).
  3. In the Internet Options dialog, select the General tab.
  4. In the General tab, under the heading Browsing Options, click on the tab that says Delete (shown in figure below).
  5. A dialog will pop up containing a list of things that you want to be deleted. Select all of them (or, if you want, you can keep the default selection as it is), and then click on Delete (shown below).
  6. The Internet Explorer will start deleting all the files, and after it is done, you are taken back to the Internet Options dialog.
  7. Click on OK.

After this, your Internet Explorer will not have any record of the sites that you had previously visited and will start recording internet history with a fresh slate. If you do not want it to record internet history at all, then choose the Delete browsing history on exit option in the Internet Options dialog under browsing history in Step 4 above. Thereafter, click OK – and your Internet Explorer will delete the historic contents every time you close the browser.



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