Choosing the right font: Let Font Picker help you out

There is no doubt that presentation is one of the most important things in the corporate world today. Whether it is a simple office memo, or your resume – how you present the matter is as important as the matter itself. Apart from the style and indentation, the font you use plays a crucial role in this.

For instance, you would never use Comic Sans for something serious like a resume. However, when you are preparing your document, it is very difficult to browse through the list of fonts that you have, and then find the right one for the job. In this regard, Font Picker can help you out greatly.

Font Picker is a small and light tool that displays three fonts (out of your entire font collection) in a small window and lets you view a sample text that you have to type in. The basic idea is to let you compare text in multiple fonts simultaneously. Although there are other font viewers like Font Page in the market, this application outdoes them on several counts.

First, Font Picker lets you remove the fonts you don’t like with a single click – and the empty slot is filled with a new font from your stock. Then, Font Picker lets you compare the text in different styles, such as bold, italics, etc. Also, the full character map for each font that is available enables you to make detailed assessments if necessary.

A minor snag in the application is hat the main window does not resize correctly – but this is a small glitch which is sure to be weeded out in the later editions. On the whole, if the font you use is crucial to your work – and you have to make font comparisons quite often, then Font Picker is the right software for you. It works on all Windows systems and is available free of cost. You can download it from here.


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