Do you own a Nokia N900 and are you a internet junkie who is always hooked up to his emails, especially GMail ? If you are, then here is how you can set up GMail account to work on your Nokia N900.

The steps mentioned below will help you resolve any problem with and

1. You need to get the IP address of [] and []. You can find it yourself by pinging the respective host from your command prompt:

2. Gain root access (Rootsh article) to your Nokia N900, for which you’ll need to launch the terminal.

3. You’ll need to edit the file /etc/hosts (use a VI or a VIM editor for this)

4. Without deleting the anything from the file, append the following two lines:
(If the IP address you found was any different from the ones I’ve mentioned, replace it with the same.)

5. Save the file and exit the editor

6. Launch the Email application on N900. Follow the wizard that it shows by selecting Gmail in the list of providers that it shows.

7. Enter your user name and password and go till you click finish.

Once you are done with all these set up, you connection should work fine, else have a look at the screen shot below and try to get your settings to match as shown in the screenshot.

(Source: TechDiary)

The following videos will give you more insight into :

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