A Sony Handycam is a small yet powerful gadget, which can be used to suit your requirements. As we all know they are very good video recorders, capturing all your wonderful moments, which you can view at leisure later. It is equally fun when you share the videos with friends and relatives.

They are available in Standard Definition, High Definition and Professional Grade setups. After recording on a DV tape, a HDV tape or a hard drive, the users are able to move their videos onto their computers. This facilitates video editing, archiving, and also transferring onto a DVD or Blu-ray disc. What you record , maybe your family functions, or your child’s school day celebrations, or any other occasion, is entirely your choice.

All you need to set it up is a i.LINK IEEE 1394 firewire cable. Now, carefully follow the instructions for best results.


Plug in the 4 pin [small] end of the i.LINK cable into the correct port of our Handycam.


Into the firewire port of your computer, connect the 6pin [large] end of the cable. In case of a laptop, you may require a 4 pin to 4 pin i.LINK instead of a 4 pin to 6 pin.


Now turn on your computer.


The last step would be to turn on your camera. It may call for you to put your camera on the playback mode, so that the computer recognizes it right.

Now the process of connecting is complete. You can transfer all the goodies onto your computer, relax and watch when you please. Often, these videos act as stress busters especially when you are feeling down/depressed or lonely. However, make sure you get the right size firewire cable for your computer. There are chances of getting a 4 pin to 6 pin adapter or vice versa, when you have a wrong size wire. Also, take care not to disconnect the camera while your stuff is being transferred, or else you stand a chance of losing all your data.


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