DShutdown is a freeware program that allows you to decide the shutdown time of your local or remote system. This is an intelligent standalone application that allows users to schedule the shutdown time of their systems. It makes your shutdown task easy by offering a series of advanced options. These options are related to pure shutdown which enables the complete shutdown of your system. One of the options is force after wait shutdown. This option enables a forced, however, a clear shutdown after a span of few seconds.

The second option is monitor shutdown. This tool helps users to direct the shutdown time of their system after the completion of a particular task. For example, users can shutdown their PC after the completion of the compression of numerous files, shutdown at the end of a software download etc. Further, this tool offers you the option to shutdown your PC after the internet traffic reduces to a particular data rate. This helps you to switch off your PC after completing more than one download.

This tool also has the provision to intercept a request in shutdown, processed by a user or an application. Further, you can easily execute this request for shutdown by operating the options from DShutdown. For example, with this tool you can easily shutdown all the PCs connected in a LAN whenever the server is down. One of the striking features of this application is that it does not initiate a power off until the user logs out and saves his settings.

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