In one of the previous article I wrote how to convert text to speech. In this article let us look at how to convert Speech or conversations to text.

Honestly, I could not find a free solution to convert speech/voice recording/phone conversations to text automatically.

The best paid alternative I could find is Cogi, so far. With Cogi you can record your conversations over phone or a voice recording device and transcribe the same after you are done with the conversation.

If you are in a meeting, then cogi will virtually prepare the minutes of meeting for you. It has the ability to record every single persons conversation, then transcribe it later on. You can highlight only the important conversation which can be extracted out as minutes of the meeting.

They offer a 30 day free trial, and if satisfied you can buy the paid service, whic comes at a nominal price.

[ Try Cogi ]

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  1. @Nicholas Maietta
    Hi Nicholas,

    Like Ric above, I’m interested in talking with you about your solution. It sounds excelllent. Where I can access it and would it be possible to expand the implementation?

  2. Can i know about ticta phone. I came to know that it can convert recorded voice into text. please give the feed back.

  3. i need to know what your conversion software is mate. I have the expresscribe program and am working on a macbook pro computer using lion x which has a voice recognition program built in but can’t figure out how to change the voice recordings that I taken on my phone and change them into text using the expresscribe program, can you help me out?

  4. Hi,
    Is there any app/cell phone which can record voice, convert it to text in a file which can then be tranferred to a PC?

  5. @carlo Hi Carlo, i wanted to take a moment and let you know the truth in the matter here when it comes to converting audio to text. If the application is mission critical, you’ll need many good steps in between the source of audio and the written text. I’ve spent the last few years working out a content management system that is used for web portals. So far, we’ve been successfull in processing live audio from police scanner audio to text so we can make the archived files searchable by text references. Also, we have a second program that listens to audio tones and the next “transmission” excerpt is “piped” to a script that processes the audio and turns that into “news tips” for my editor(s). This enables us to click a button on our backend to enable that audio to be made available to the public and we can review and transcribe manually to ensure we have accurate information relayed out to the public via our websites.

    I have currently 30 web portals that use this technology and it was pretty difficult to assemble. Everything we do is in a linux powered cloud. What we do might be considered mission critical, but we still have steps we must take to ensure the information is correct. Just food for thought.

  6. @shanthakumar
    I down-loaded expressscribe from NCH (u need speech recognition already set up -USE ID 0) -options, speech-to-text.
    I used a sync folder (read the help from the program) the program will down-load whatever additional software it needs (e.g. ffmp3 if you are using MP3 format).
    I used conversion software and output to the sync folder (the program automatically detects (or click the synch button) then will convert the speech (speech-to-text in notes section) I let it run overnight (7 hours) it completed all 10 (each 1 hour long) class lectures. The text is not perfect but it is easier to change or delete the parts I don’t need for lecture notes.

  7. Hello from khazakstan.

    Even though your country has inferior potassium, I want speech to text software also from you. Without this software we will be of the gays. Please send to me very soon.

    Thankings for you!

  8. Please inform me, Is there any computer software to conert voice recorded in IC recorder may be available in written text form?

  9. @Carlo – There is no software that claims 100% accuracy when it comes to Speech-Voice recording to text. The main concern here is the accent of the person who is recording the voice. An Asian guy sounds so different from an American, isn’t it ?

    While freewares do a good job, if you want something more professional, try Dragon Naturally Speaking. I have used Dragon Naturally Speaking, again, it is not 100% accurate, but still you can train the software, gradually to give out consistent output.

    Hope this helped.

  10. Please can you send me more information on how to convert voice to text. it will need to be 100% accurate as the information i am recording is critical and if one word is lost it would be a disaster.


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