How Can I Copy Multiple Files From Different Sources To Different Multiple Remote Directories ?

Copying files, on a local machine is quite straight forward and simple. But if you need to do the same thing on a remote system, it gets tricky and the confusion can increase if there are multiple files from different sources which needs to go on Multiple Remote Directories! It takes a great deal of time for users to configure where the files go. And it becomes a nightmare if the copying process goes wrong in between, it becomes double work as you’ll have to recheck for doubles or already copied files.

To avoid the problems that you may encounter when you are trying to copy multiple files from different sources to different multiple remote directories use Remote Batch Copy. Each source file is copied to a corresponding directory on destination node, which can be either on your local machine or a remote machine.

How Can I Multiple Files From Different Sources To Different Multiple Remote Directories ?

It has a friendly interface, where a user has to mention where the source files are located and where the target directory is. Rest is done by Remote Batch Copy, which copies all the files to the respective directories. If you want to move all the files to one location instead of multiple locations, you can do that as well.

Users can also Remote Batch Copy to to replicate from one network node to other nodes, to do this, they have to just mention the network nodes and what files to repeat over.

Remote Batch Copy is a freeware which has more uses than the one mentioned above. It can be used for: Remote File Gathering / Scattering Remote Node Data and Management, Local IP Port Monitoring, realtime Log Monitoring, Remote Node Questions by Domain Saved Configurations and more. Just check out their site for details.

[Download Remote Batch Copy]


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