Copying numerous files to one target directory or folder is quite an easy job. However, if you have to copy numerous files from multiple sources to multiple target folders, instead of one, the task become quite daunting. If you start by individually copying one file at a time, you may end up wasting half your day. To simplify your job of copying files into multiple destinations you need to deploy advanced features of a special tool. Remote Batch Copy is one such tool that eases your job of copying multiple files into multiple directories. This application will save each and every source file located in correspondence to the previous file and will automatically save to its desired target file.

Remote Batch Copy lets to gain detailed information on the network you are using. Further, the users are also provided with enough statistical information on the node from which this application is running. It is has an extremely easy to use interface. To access this application, you just have to mention the target file for each source file. It will automatically copy all the files to their destination within a short span.

Further, you can get the advantage of accessing some of the most potent features that make thus application so unique. These features include, remote file gathering as well as scattering, Local IP port monitoring, Real Time Log Monitoring, Saved Configurations, Unattended Batch Copies, site Customizations, saved configurations etc. Additionally, you can easily configure the files in your network following a few simple steps only.

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