How Can I Create / Change Password On Windows Vista / XP ?

Windows Vista / XP lets your create as many accounts as you want, and this is necessary if there are a bunch of people using the same computer.

How ever, you should know that the Computers administrator full rights and access to see any other users account, and has complete access to everything on the system.

Here’s How You Can Set Up or change your password for Windows XP / Vista:

1> Click the Start button,
2> Click Control Panel,
3> Click  User Accounts and Family Safety,
4> Then choose Change your windows password.

If your Control Panel shows the “Classic View“, choose the User Accounts icon and choose “Create a Password for your account.” Choose Create a password for your account or change your password.

Different set of options will come up depending on what you choose. In the last box, type a hint that reminds you of your password.

Click the Create Password button and you are done.

Windows Vista / Xp will start asking for your password whenever you try logging on.



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