Do you have a website where you want to put a Contact-Me form ? Earlier, if you had to put a form, you had a to know a bit of programming, but now that’s not a prerequisite anymore. You can create Contact forms for your website, in less than minutes, with absolutely no programming whatsoever with the Contactify.

Contactify is a free online application that allows users to optimize basic contact me forms. This contact form creator lets you direct your message in form of emails without disclosing your email address. This application is although not equipped with sophisticated features loaded in Wufoo; however, this application is extremely useful nonetheless. To access this application, all you need to do is simply generate a basic contact form, fill in the necessary details and then post the link to the desired address. The key advantage of using this application is that it lets you deliver your message without releasing hints on your address. On receiving the link, if people wish to revert to you, they will simply have to click on the link and send across the message to you.

This application is one of the most effective ways to avoid spams. Since your email address does not get displayed in the contact form, there is no way that the addressed person reverts to you in form of spams. With Contactify you can generate a contact form within the site, so that people do not address emails of sorts at your personal email id. Creating contact forms online eliminates the chances of receiving spams and enables an online communication between the owner of the website and the visitors.

The features in your contact form can include basic information like, name, address, subject, message and a verifying code bar. Visitors agree to send across the message only after their compliance with your terms and privacy policy.

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