If you want your blog to be better recognized, then chose a Favicon icon. It is in fact a great way to introduce your blog to the visitors, and thereby making a trade mark of your own for your blog. Let us briefly go through the process of creating Favicon icons and utilizing them on your wordpress blog.

How Can I Generate FAVICON in wordpress Panel:

Your first task here will be to design an apt image file and change it to Favicon.ico file. For this you have to use the free online JPG to ICO converter. After this is done, upload it to your wordpress root directory through ftp client namely filezilla.

Further, add a Favicon into your blog. From the wordpress admin panel section, transfer these to your theme files and paste the provided code into header.php file. See to it that the uploaded Favicon is termed as favicon.ico.

How About Using The Free WordPress Favicon Generator?

There is another way to add favicon to wordpress and that is by using wordpress plugin. This favicon generator has turned out to be a great source to create favicons mainly for wordpress blogs. Download it and activate it to choose the favicon file of your choice, from the given ico files. You are even free to upload your favicon file, ad use them as wordpress favicon files, without any prior study of coding. You can see it is more useful if you are not familiar with the wordpress or are constantly replacing your favicon files.


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