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GICKR is a free online web service that lets you create innovative animation from a set of static images in .gif format. All you need to do is upload your pictures at Gickr.com and just let this tool do the rest. This tool will, within a short span of time, convert your images to animated and moving GIF slideshows which you can further post and share with your friends at social networking sites like MySpace, Hi5, orkut, Bebo et al.

You can either upload pictures saved in your computer or select from Flickr and instantly create hilarious or larger than life slideshows showcasing your self, your buddies, favorite cartoons, banners or previews. To use this service, your computer need not be loaded with Flash.

You can easily avail this web service for free. Once you have created the slideshow at Gickr, it will be saved in the Gickr Gallery and will be open for view to others. This multi-feature driven web service is capable of uploading pictures from your computer, YouTube and Flickr. At a go it can upload as much as 10 images for animation purpose. You can direct the speed of the web service as per your requirement.

With Gickr, you will avail of direct image links and BB codes for the purpose of forums. After the gif animation is made, users have varied options to choose from to send it across to friends and colleagues. You can either send it through email or paste the HTML or URL code set by Gickr on your blog or website.

Gickr is your free software to create GIF / Animated images easily !!

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