Create Your Own Karaoke Tracks with Wavosaur

Have you ever wondered if you could create your own private collection of karaoke music? It is possible and it is quite easy too. All you need to do is remove the vocals from your favorite MP3 files and you have your karaoke track ready for use. There are a number of MP3 editing tools on the web that will do this for you. However, none of them can do this perfectly, as the process of voice removal from a track involves identifying and removing the frequency that corresponds to the voice track. In this process, nearby frequencies – which might even be of the music being played – also get removed.

The Wavosaur sound editing tool is one effective tool that will remove voices from audio tracks quite efficiently. Download Wavosaur on to your PC and follow the instructions given below to create karaoke tracks from MP3s.

  1. Launch Wavosaur. Download Wavosaur.
  2. Open the MP3 file you want to work with using File -> Open.
  3. After the file loads on to the Wavosaur main window, go to Processing -> Vocal Remover.
  4. This will execute a filter that will remove the voice track from the file – and you will be able to see a noticeable change in the frequency histogram display of the track in the main window. [Even if you don’t, you can check that the filter did its work by playing the track once.]
  5. To save the file, you need to have Lame installed on your PC, and save it in the same directory as Wavosaur.
    [You can get instructions on how to do this from various forums on the web.]
  6. Be sure to save the file using the Save As option if you want to preserve the original file as it is.

Your karaoke track is now ready and you can play it in your favorite player and sing along!



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