Wufoo is a free internet service that helps users to create online forms. The advantage of building forms with Wufoo is that the service automatically manages the build-up of the database, scripts and backend needed to make your data easy to understand and fast for the readers.

Wufoo is an extremely versatile service and its immense features give you the freedom to experiment all sorts of possibilities in online form construction. The kind of possibilities that will yield excellent results while using Wufoo are contact forms, Survey, Mailing List, Event Calendar, Customer Management, Bug Tracker, Online orders, Address Book, Classifieds, Quizzes, Tests, Home Finances et al.

For using Wufoo, all you need is a computer with internet connection and a browser. Those who have installed Internet Explorer 6 and the higher versions, Safari 2 and Firefox 2 experience faster functioning of Wufoo. You may however be able to login to Wufoo and draft forms using other browsers, but the ones mentioned in the above lines are mainly supported by Wufoo.

Additionally, you also need Flash and JavaScript to build and manage your forms and share it with the general public. However, even if your JavaScript is disabled, you will be able to draft a form and share it online. Wufoo will save and keep your forms and online data secure as long as you have the account with them. It is only when you delete the information yourself, or discard the account by your self, will your information get deleted.

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