How Can I Delete My Orkut Account Completely ?

You might find yourself in a situation where you want to delete you orkut account completely. What ever the reasons can be, deleting an orkut account is very simple.

1> Login to your account.
2> Go to this link :
3> Click on “delete my account
4> You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be asked to retype your password – key in your password and confirm your account deletion.
5> Click on “Remove Orkut

And that’s it, you are removed from orkut after this. Normally it takes around 24 – 48 hrs to remove an account from orkut.

You should keep in mind to delete all the orkut communities you own, or transfer the ownership to someone else in the respective communities. Else you’ll ending messing up the community, with no admin to make further changes to it as and when necessary !


  1. thank you this is very important to my account. most of the peoples are giving more HTML image scrapes. my account is very problematic. so i want to decide to delete my account. i think this is useful info to me.

  2. @Crazy – Did u follow the steps mentioned here. It should be deleted if you’ve followed all the steps. If that still doesn’t work, please go to this page, select Orkut as the Google product and submit a request to delete your account.

    That should help you.

  3. heloo plzz anybody tll me how 2 delet orkut a/c
    i hv already deleted my a/c bt still it is thr plzzzz help nyone n tll me how 2 delete plzz send me mail on my yahoo id how 2 delete[:(]


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