How about watching what you want on a video rather than what the video offers you? (Related post: extract a part of video from youtube videos)Just imagine while watching a video you have just had an idea wherein by moving some objects in the video you can have more fun. However is this really possible? For film makers and professionals with editing knowledge this might be true but are we one of them? Of course not then why we are discussing all these issues? The answer is simple because we too can manipulate the videos according to our wishes. By manipulating we can alter the objects/items which are seen inside the video.

Direct manipulation is an illusion produced by having user’s gestures captured exactly on the screen but remember you can never physically manipulate objects. It is just the illusion that you can create. This technique has been used in professional and amateur video editing, review of sports footage, and forensic analysis of video scenes and to find out magic tricks.

See the video in action here:

Don’t worry as for magically transforming and producing the illusions you do not have buy the expensive software and start complex manipulation. A free application known as DimP lets you do that at no extra cost.

How does it work?

  1. Extract videos on DimP and it automatically extracts object motions from the videos.
  2. Then it allows the user to control video playback by scrubbing these objects on their trajectories.

DimP works with:

  • Windows XP and Vista compatible.
  • 1 GB of RAM.
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 runtime.
  • A VFW (Video for Windows) MPEG-4 codec such as ffdshow.

DimP video manipulation software supports only Windows and MAC. Others features will be soon added. If you want to test this amazing software with other video files, remember that videos should be short, as the memory is limited. Moreover the video should be of acceptable quality, not heavily compressed and with a sufficient frame rate. It should be in .avi format and should be compatible with VFW (Video for windows)


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