Disabling Entourage X’s Automatic Address Fill-up List

A typical issue that crops up while using Entourage X – the Microsoft Entourage version for Mac – is the list of recent email addresses that pops up when you are typing in a new email address. Although this had been originally designed as a convenient feature for users, it seems to irritate a lot of people using Entourage X. This article will tell you how you can easily delete this list of recently used email addresses that you feel you do not need.

Entourage X typically stores somewhere around 200 recent email addresses in this list. The email IDs you do not want to see again will automatically get removed once they reach the bottom of this list – even if you do not do anything. However, to wait for the IDs to move down this list of 200 email IDs may be too long for most people. Hence, you can use the following way to delete the email IDs in this list.

Navigate to the Preferences window of entourage X. In the panel to the left, click on the Compose tab. This will show all the related options in the right panel now. You will find a Clear List tab in this panel that will clear the list of all the recent addresses. Click on this and then click OK. [The figure below (for Entourage X v11.1.0) illustrates these steps.]

Further, there is another option that lets you disable this feature of Entourage X entirely. For this, you simply have to uncheck the check-box next to the Display a list of recently used addresses when addressing messages option in the Compose tab that was used in the previous para (shown in the figure).Also, if you want to delete just one particular email ID from the list, then you have to first add that ID to your address book and thereafter delete it from there.


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