Sing along to the songs on iTunes with Lyricsnapper

Although the world of digital music is here to stay – most of us old-timers miss the charm and magic of those quaint audio cassettes and CDs. What about the thrill of going through the song trivia in the cover booklet, and the credits from the bands, and finally – the lyrics? The best high in getting a new album used to be opening the lyrics booklet in the cover and singing along with the band. With digital music downloads, all of that seems to be history. Well, not quite – because Lyricsnapper is here to save the day.

Lyricsnapper is simple and light tool designed for iPod users to search and display the lyrics of the songs you are listening. It doesn’t matter whether you are listening to the song on your iPod or on your PC (with iTunes), Lyricsnapper integrates perfectly with the iPod softwares and displays song lyrics efficiently at all times.

The way this software works is that once you playback a song on iTunes, it will search for the lyrics of the song on the web, download them, and then connect them to the song you are playing. It is an intelligent program that also works as a simple song lyrics searcher even if you do not use iTunes, or an iPod.

It has a simple and unpretentious interface and does its well-defined job well. Moreover, the fact that it is a freeware makes life a lot better. You can download the latest version of Lyricsnapper from this link.

[ Download LyricsSnapper ]



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