I was looking for software that would allow me to conduct video conferencing for free on my computer / laptop.

iVisit allows you to communicate one-on-one, in 8 way videoconferencing rooms, or with up to fifteen other people anywhere anytime on both Windows and Mac PCs.

How Can I Do Video Conferencing For Free On My Computer ?

You can combine video conferencing, voice calls, instant messaging, web co-browsing and file sharing for all your online meetings. You can share pictures, videos and photos in any format during voice calls or video conferences. The basic iVisit service is free, but you must pay to upgrade to the Plus package if you want to unlock certain features.

How Can I Do Video Conferencing For Free On My Computer ?

iVisit is easy to navigate but lacks a sophisticated layout. The main problem with i-visit is that it is highly complex to use, for a normal end user creating an account and using may be bit tough. The GUI needs to improve definitely and with google’s new gvoice, i gues companies like iVisit have few miles to catch. You can Download the software and try for yourself at http://www.ivisit.com/main_download



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