I recently blogged about DownThemAll, one of the best Firefox plugin that lets you download bulk images or pictures at one go. The only problem with this plugin was that users were unable to download image images that were hidden in container pages.

There are lot of image hosters that do not give u a direct link to the image hosted on their site and it was not possible to download these images using DownThemAll, but with Anticontainer this is possible. With AntiContainer, you can download all the root images, like the ones that are linked by thumbnails.

AntiContainer is an extension which works along with DownThemAll. AntiContainer has a lot of plugins that help you download images from sites like Flickr, ImageVenue, ImageShack and so on.

Here’s how you can download images from hidden container pages:

1> First you need to have DownThemAll installed (read: instructions).

2> The download http://code.downthemall.net/anticontainer/anticontainer.xpi

That’s it. Rest AntiContainer will do everything for you as it seamlessly integrates with DownThemAll without any problem.

Read more details here.


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