If you regularly download images from webpages for personal or professional use, then you know things are easy if you download one or two images, but the task becomes a hassle if you have to download a lot of images at once.

With DownThemAll the problem of downloading multiple images from a webpage is solved. DownThemAll or dTA as it is commonly known as, is a Firefox extension using which you can download bulk images and links from a page.

Here’s how you can download all the images on a webpage at once:

  1. Download DownTheAll from https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/201/ and install it.
  2. Then go to the page where you want to download bulk images from.
  3. Right click on the page and select “downThemAll“.
  4. Click on links of all the images you want to download, this gets a little tricky as some websites do not follow strict naming convention when uploading images, in such case -download all the images from that particular page and delete the ones which you don’t need.
  5. Specify the directory / folder where you want to the images downloaded.
  6. Click on “Start Download

That’s it you are done.

I’ve already writen about DownloadHelper – using which you can download multiple videos from a page. You can use download helper to download bulk images too !



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