There are a few myths and misconceptions regarding the Facebook . Though there are a number of people who have earned lot of money through and built up a great career by creatively developing Facebook Applications, yet a majority of people believe the myth that you need to actually be employed by Facebook if you want to become a Facebook Application Developer. In fact, earning money comes automatically once you become a developer.

Of course, this is made possible by following a routine set of instructions, to guide you right. Now what do you think will be the most important thing needed to start? Read on to find the answer.


Of course, it goes without saying that a Facebook account is the first and foremost step to take. There are people who have an account and also make it a point to update themselves regularly, but there are also people who have an account no doubt, but never bother to look it up, which is of no use. So, without delay go to the Facebook website and log onto your account if you have one, and if you do not then it is high time you created one.


Go to the Facebook search bar and type in ‘developer’. It can always be added onto your profile when the Facebook Developer Application appears.


Once you are a member, going through to the discussion board, or reading others’ queries becomes very easy. You can later on pose your questions or comments. As a Facebook Application Developer, it is most essential that you make yourself actively known, [a quality that one should possess as a developer] during the discussion sessions.


Facebook provides you an application designing tutorials, to improve your skills. It is a prior written script which you can use to create your own application, by just replacing certain codes. Although this stands good for simple applications, it will surely pick up speed if you already have knowledge of HTML or PHP.


It is also an essential quality to make yourself known in the developer community, something very necessary to become an official developer. This gives you a wider opportunity to continuously gather information on new applications as well as cutting edge programming script.

You can always work for a degree for industry experts at the University of Phoenix. It gives you a greater hold on the subject as well as it pays to take your career a step forward.


  1. 1) Build a web site or blog
    2) Put the AdSense ads on the site or blog.
    3) Never heard of compressions in the ads.
    4) Look at your reports.
    5) Number of Impressions is how many page views there were of pages with ads. If one person visits and views 10 pages with ads that is 10 impressions.
    6) Clicks- this goes up when a visitor (not you or friends) clicks on an ad at your site.
    7) You earn money when some one clicks on an ad. Each add pays an amount based on what the advertiser paid to put the ad there. Earnings for valid clicks rainges from a half cent to about 5 dollars per click.
    8) After you earned $100 you get paid at the end of the following month.
    9) Remember that AdSense is always free, it you paid another company to get an AdSense account you were scammed.

  2. can you please tell me how exactly is the money made, if i was to place an application on facebook, is the money made from just advertisements? if i had a few hundred thousand users example, but didnt have advertisers on my application do i make money still? i hope you can make this abit clearer for me thank you

  3. @Jaspal – I know a few who are making money from applications on facebook and on orkut as well. The applications should engage users, and the more registerations your applications get, the more money you can make.


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