4 Replies to “How Can I Earn Money From Facebook – By Becoming A Facebook Developer ?”

  1. 1) Build a web site or blog
    2) Put the AdSense ads on the site or blog.
    3) Never heard of compressions in the ads.
    4) Look at your reports.
    5) Number of Impressions is how many page views there were of pages with ads. If one person visits and views 10 pages with ads that is 10 impressions.
    6) Clicks- this goes up when a visitor (not you or friends) clicks on an ad at your site.
    7) You earn money when some one clicks on an ad. Each add pays an amount based on what the advertiser paid to put the ad there. Earnings for valid clicks rainges from a half cent to about 5 dollars per click.
    8) After you earned $100 you get paid at the end of the following month.
    9) Remember that AdSense is always free, it you paid another company to get an AdSense account you were scammed.

  2. can you please tell me how exactly is the money made, if i was to place an application on facebook, is the money made from just advertisements? if i had a few hundred thousand users example, but didnt have advertisers on my application do i make money still? i hope you can make this abit clearer for me thank you

  3. @Jaspal – I know a few who are making money from applications on facebook and on orkut as well. The applications should engage users, and the more registerations your applications get, the more money you can make.

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