In Vista 64 bit, a hard drive can be divided in two ways. One, it can make use of the Microsoft tools only. It would be wise if you can have alternative support for all your hard drives, much earlier to starting this new research. To start with, click on the Vista Start button; right click on the ‘Computer –Button – Select- Manage’ from the menu which is displayed. The ‘Computer Management’ window will be seen.

Now click ‘Storage’ on the left and finally click ‘Disk Management’. The screen will display all the divisions that are on your computer. To provide for fresh partitions you have to ‘Shrink’ the present ones. And that can be done by right clicking on any of the divisions [avoid a system partition, if possible] and click on ‘Shrink Volume’. If you wish to shrink, all you need to do is type the right space you need for this volume in MB – then convert the GB’s you want into MB’s [for 1GB type 1024 etc] and then click ‘Shrink.’

Vista will now complete the division. And once it is done, right click on the volume and choose ‘New Simple Volume.’ Then you follow the same method for a new division – format, giving it a new name etc, and your work is finished! The second method is by using third party tools like EASEUS Partition Master, which has the capacity of partitioning 32 bit computers freely. But for the advanced 64 bit computers, it is a must that you purchase this great tool itself.

The Partition Master software even provides the division of 64 bit servers along with assisting you to be mobile, change in size and erase divisions with any monitored assistance, and also orders so that you are aware of what is going on around your computer. It also contains ‘undo ‘buttons in some, but not in all cases, which help you reverse one step back, when you feel that you have committed a mistake.

This tool also provides you with total back-up data whenever possible. This ensures that you can partition your drives without worrying too much about important data if any. Most of the high quality computer software developers are associated with Partition Master for their work mainly because it is a very reliable source. Now for the great news, the home edition is completely free – no strings attached, and absolutely free of spyware!


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