One of the complains I have with previous versions of Windows, including XP is, their search feature sucks !  It really drags its feet when searching for files.

If you have a heavily loaded hard drive, then you are in for trouble as it takes several minutes to search for a particular file. Surprisingly Vista seems to have solved the problem. When ever the system is idle, it is programmed in Vista to utilize this time effectively to build an index of every word on the hard drive. This process is well optimized and effectively carried out in Vista.

Sending you on constant search for files was Windows previous version, here you have Vista, which is well designed to save you time. Vista places a Search box on the Start menu, atop every folder, in the Help and Support window, and in a few other key spots. The handy Search box and Vista’s up-to-date index make it faster than ever to find the files and programs you want.

Vista even updates its index with words on Web sites you’ve visited recently, letting you quickly reread that headline you scrolled throuh last week.

But, Agent Ransack still is my favorite search tool 🙂


  1. Is this a sarcastic posting? XP search (when tweaked) was great, but Vista/Windows7 search sucks for 3 reasons:
    – it is contantly indexing and slowing down your PC
    – it only indexes/searches certain areas
    – it doesn’t find files half the time!

    I was looking for an alternative for Windows 7 when I came across your posting.


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