Using about:config in Mozilla to Tweak Advanced Settings

Apart from the typical settings that you encounter in Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Suite, there is an entire world of settings that can be tweaked to make these applications more personal. This is done using the about:config interface that is hidden in the Mozilla settings by default. Read on to know how you can use the about:config setup to tweak various settings in Mozilla suite as per your needs and tastes.

The first step is to open the Mozilla browser, and type in about:config in the address bar and then press Enter. You will first receive a warning message that changing anything in the page you want to view may have serious repercussion on the safety, stability and security of Mozilla. Click on “I’ll be careful, I Promise!” and you are then taken to the about:config page.

Use the filter bar at the top to narrow down the list to a specific area that you want to tweak. For instance, you can type in Network – and all the network related options are then displayed in the browser window, nothing else.

Now, to change any field, right click on the field, right-click on it and select Modify. A small window pops up, containing the value for that field. Enter the new value and press enter. In some case, right-clicking displays Toggle instead of Modify – meaning that the particular field cannot be modified.

You can even add a new preference setting. For this, you have to right-click at any point in the browser window and then select New -> String/Integer/Boolean. After this, a small window will appear asking you to enter the relevant details. After you have done so, you can click on OK, and the new value will be created.

Keep in mind that you have to be an advanced user to use about:config properly. If you do not have the necessary expertise, then you are better off not using about:config.


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