How to Edit YouTube Videos in Windows Movie Maker

Many of us find it hard to change from the programs once we get used to them. So, those of us who typically work with Windows Movie Maker would like to continue working with it no matter what. However, if you want to edit a YouTube video using Windows Movie Maker, you are bound to encounter a lot of problems as the list of files supported by Movie Maker is not that long – and the popular YouTube video download format – FLV – is not on it.

This article will suggest a workaround to this issue, with the help of a media conversion tool known as WinFF. It involves the three major steps as listed out below.

  1. Downloading the YouTube video
    1. You can download a YouTube in many ways, the best of which is to use a free online service like KeepVid.
    2. This typically involves copy-pasting the URL of the YouTube video (which looks something like–5WzzFpk) in the space provided on KeepVid’s site and then clicking on Download.
    3. When prompted to Save File As, change the filename from “get_video” to “filename.flv” and click on Save.
    4. The video gets downloaded in the FLV format.
  2. Converting the FLV video to WMV
    1. This is where WinFF comes in the picture – open WinFF and load the FLV video on it.
    2. Choose the Convert to option as WMV.
    3. Select an Output Folder of your choice.
    4. Click on Convert.
    5. Within a few minutes, WinFF will convert the YouTube video that you downloaded in the FLV format into WMV.
  3. Loading the newly created WMV video into Movie Maker
    1. This is the final step. Now, you can simply load the newly created WMV video by importing it into Windows Movie Maker, and then edit it as you wish.


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