Protecting the Safety of your E-mail Address

All of us use the internet for a lot of varied purposes – however, almost all of them involve entering personal information in different forms from time to time. The most crucial of them is our e-mail address. When you are entering your e-mail address in a form somewhere, do you not feel a tiny pang of fear – what if your e-mail address winds up in some spamming list and your inbox is flooded with unwanted e-mails from there on?

This article will give you a few tips on how to prevent this from happening.

  1. Trust your gut feeling.
    This is perhaps the best advice anyone can give you. If you feel that a site is looking a bit shady, and is asking for your e-mail when there is actually no reason for it to do so – then stay away from it. Chances are that you are right.
  2. Read the fine print.
    This is also very crucial. While signing up for a new service where you have to provide your existing e-mail address, always read the fine print. Pay stress on the Privacy Policy, and look out for clauses that state clearly that your e-mail ID is safe with them, and that they will not disclose it to any person, or entity.
  3. The ‘Do you want to be informed of offers’ option
    many products and service have a check-box option that goes something like – ‘Do you want to be informed of offers in the future. Be sure that when you tick this box, they don’t send you a slew of e-mails you would rather not receive. Also, be wary of clauses that say that you will receive offers from partner companies too.

These are the primary warning signs that you should be on the look out for at all times. Follow these instructions sincerely, and your Inbox will be free of spam.


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