It is not necessary to have a large screen option when you play Mp3 songs on your Windows media player, and you can decrease the size of the media player if required. You also find an inbuilt option to decrease unnecessary screen layouts from Windows media player as you play audio songs. This is with regard to “Mini Mode Player” in windows media player. Read on for further details.


* Open Windows media player.
* Go to ‘TOOLS’ and then to the ‘Option Menu’.
* A player dialog box is displayed and you will find ‘Start The Mini Player for File Names that Contain This Text’ box, check on it and add Mp3 in the text box. Real player format, divx, Mp4 format or specific drive can also be included.
* Click apply and open any M3 file, there is your mini media player bringing in your favourites from audio files in the mini mode.

Remember that Mini Player is not okay for each and every version of Windows player [ is good for Windows media player 11]. In order to be able to access the other F other versions, you need to right click on your task bar, and then go to the Tool Bar option and see the Windows media player that will show a tiny media bar in your task bar!



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