GNU Privacy Guard is one of the most versatile implementations of OpenPGP program. It offers convenient ways to let users encrypt their data and communications. It optimizes the means of PKI for the encryption of data. It features an amazing key management system and access modules for nearly all the types in public key directories. This application is sometimes referred by its abbreviation GPG.

GnuPG is an excellent command line tool loaded with amazing features to enable interactions with other applications. This application is supported by various operating systems like Windows XP, windows vista, MAC and Ubuntu Linux. It can also be uploaded in advanced systems like Firefox (FireGPG) and Thunderbird (Enigmail).

This application is an excellent cryptosystem for your PC which offers more than 70 command line options. It also features an inbuilt command line as well as a comprehensive environment for menu. It offers security to your interactions with other online users as well as stored data. It is best optimized for encrypting data and generating digital signatures. It is touted as an excellent replacement for PGP. The strong point of this application is that it can be easily used without any constrictions. It does not rely on the patented IDEA algorithm for functioning.

It keeps a stringent check on the expiration dates of the signature. Further it offers support to languages like English, Dutch, Danish, Esperanto, German, French, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Portuguese (Portuguese), Spanish and Swedish. This application is available for free download. Plus, it does not require the installation of any other program for its activation.

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