Exporting your Gmail Address Book for use in Outlook or Apple Address Book

With Google literally taking over all of the services on the web, and Gmail being its star attraction – it is a fair assumption that most of us use Gmail. In this case, most of us also have most of our contacts in the Gmail address book – which even stores contacts’ addresses to whom you have only sent a single mail. Now, it would be a great help if you could access this contact list of your Gmail account from other email applications such as Outlook, or Apple Address Book, which are not connected to your Gmail account in any other way.

Turns out that there is a simple way that you can achieve this – only that it is located in the Contacts section of your Gmail mailbox – a place where we rarely make a visit to. To export your Gmail address book, simply go through the following steps.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account – you will be automatically directed to your Inbox.
  2. Go to the Contacts section – the heading should be clearly visible in the left-hand side navigation bar – no matter what theme you use.
  3. In the Contacts section you can see three links to the top right of the main box, viz. – Import, Export, and Print. Click on Export.
  4. You are taken to a page where you get a few options regarding the export process. Select Everyone (All Contacts) in the Who do you want to export? section.
  5. Then select the suitable option of export – either of Google CSV, Outlook CSV, and vCard format.
  6. Click on the Export tab below.
  7. A download starts in which the corresponding CSV file is saved to your computer.

You can now use the CSV file on the desired application – simply use the Import option of the application and select the CSV file from where you have saved it on your PC.


  1. i have use nokia e63 mobile.i have many problem.i does not access my gmail account.&i does not remove my old application&i does not install new software ,application and any one software.?pls reply my mobile what can i do sir/madam?


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