How to Export MP3 Music from iTunes to your Sony PSP

Life would have been far simpler had there been an easy and simple way to export your MP3 music files from the iTunes library to your Sony PSP console. However, as it runs out, life is not that easy – there is no such option that simply lets you ‘Export’ the selected files from the library.

When you are working with a Mac, you can do the following (which is not that tough, actually):

A. Locating the song on your hard drive

  1. Open you iTunes library.
  2. Select the particular song/ music file that you want to export to your PSP.
  3. After selecting the song, go to File -> Show Song File. This will open up a new window that contains the true file location on the hard drive.
  4. Given that your song is already in the MP3 format, you simply have to copy it to your PSP hard drive – the following steps () will show you how to do it.

B. Connecting your PSP and copying the song

  1. The first thing you need to do is to put your PSP console in the ‘USB’ – which is done by choosing ‘USB connection’ from the Settings section.
  2. Next, connect the PSP to the computer with the USB cable/connector.
  3. The PSP drive becomes visible on the desktop. Open the PSP drive in a window, and locate the Music directory within it.
  4. Ensure that you have renamed your music file in a suitable way so that it is easy to locate and use on the PSP display – for instance, deleting the track number from a filename is always a good idea (such as replacing 10_abc_xyz.MP3 with simply abc_xyz.MP3).
  5. Hold down the Option button and simply drag the song from the window you had opened in part A to the PSP Music folder.
  6. If you want to transfer multiple files together, select them together and then drag them.

That’s it – you are done!


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