How to export your Yahoo! contacts in to Mac Address Book

Exporting the contacts list from your Yahoo! Address Book to your Mac Address Book is not that tough. The whole act has to be split into two parts – first, you have to export the contact details from the Yahoo! Address Book, and then, you have to import the contact details into Mac Address Book.

Here’s what you have to do.

Step 1: Exporting the addresses from the Yahoo! Address Book

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account.
  2. In the new Yahoo! Mail, you are taken to the Mail page, where you have Inbox and Online friends’ details on the navigation bar to the left, and other stuff like Top Stories, Updates, Ads, in the main frame of the web page. Click on the Contacts tab to the top-left of the main frame.
  3. You are taken to the Yahoo! Address Book – click on the Tools options and select Export from the drop-down list that shows up.
  4. You are taken to the Export page, where you have a list of formats from which you can choose the one in which you wish to export all your contact details. As we are going to deal with a Mac Address Book, click on the Export Now button next to vCard.
  5. A verification page comes up where you have to enter the characters in the picture shown. Enter the code and click on Export Now.
  6. Your contacts list will be downloaded automatically.

Step 2: Importing the contacts list into Mac Address Book

  1. Open Mac Address Book.
  2. Navigate to Import -> vCards.
  3. Locate the vCard file that you had exported from Yahoo! on to your hard drive.
  4. Click on OK.

All of the contact details in the vCard should be successfully imported into your Mac Address Book after this.


  1. Perfect explanation. Tried lots of other sites and links that did not work. Your explanation worked seamlessly. Thanks.


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