How Can I Find Clean Public Toilets In US / Europe / Other Countries ?

Finding clean public toilets just got easier with some of the “Public Toilet Search Engines”. These are not like any other search engines, as you’ll know soon.

This is not something someone would need every day, but imagine the situation, where in you are in a stranger territory and you are looking for toilet, you’ll understand the importance of these “Toilet Search Engines”.

The best feature is that these sites are available on your cell phones as well, and this makes it even more useful.

Public Toilet Search Engine For USA

How Can I Find Clean Public Toilets In US ?

Finding hygienic, public and private toilers / bathroom gets easier wit Diaroogle. Right now it’s limited to New York City toilets, but soon the database will be expanded, and new cities will be added soon. Diaroogle has a facility to rate toilets in terms of Cleanliness and Privacy.

Diaroogle is available on Mobile Phones.


Mizpee Public Clean Toilet Search Engine

How Can I Find Clean Public Toilets In US ?

Mizpee Search Engine is run by a San Francisco based company that helps you find nearest clean toilet. Mizpee also gives users the access to vote and select the best public toilet.

They also have yearly awards for the best voted public toilets.

With Mizpee you can search public toilets in Barcelona, Brusses, Berlin, London, Paris and Rome.

Mizpee service is available on cell phones.


There is also thebathroomdiaries, using which you can search more than 12,000+ public bathrooms in more than 100 coutnries.

How Can I Find Clean Public Toilets In US ?




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