We, normal computer users download tons of the files from internet which include songs, video files, and document files. We also copy the data from pen drives, music CDs, simple text CDs, DVDs, memory card and perform many such functions. This leads to redundancy of the sustaining files on the hard disk over the period of time. Keeping the records of multiple files which are otherwise copies of the same files serves no purpose. Moreover it consumes the space which can be utilized for other storage needs. In order to find the space and save fresh data we have to find all the junk material in the PC and remove the duplicate files periodically.

The task of searching all those duplicate files and then removing them one by one from each folders and sub folders is time consuming and quite difficult. Sometimes the duplicate files might have different names, dates and other properties.

In order to solve this problem you can avail the facility of a tool called clone spy, which will take care of your PC. It is free software, which automatically finds the duplicate data and cleans up the PC without any problems. This simple web application allows you to scan the folders and delete the duplicate files. The added list of folders to pools can be saved for any future search and clean up activity.

Clone spy search for the duplicate files which has same contents, same names or 0 bytes in length. This free web application gives several options to choose from and to perform the task as per your requirement. It can automatically delete the duplicate files or export a list of equal length files and every other option that will help you to get rid of duplicity.

CloneSpy works on Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7. Download it for free from here.


  1. there are several products that do just this. My favorite is “easy duplicate finder” http://www.easyduplicatefinder.com the latest version even checks my music files using the meta tags built into most newer music formats to match up files with different names. That way I can pick the best copy and kill the rest.


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