With Windows Task Manager we can see what process are running but we cannot see the exe file associated with the processes. Prio is a compact program that enables Task Manager to show the path of the exe file associated with a process, in a tooltip. The tooltip also contains detailed information about each running process: its name, manufacturer, version and full path to the executable file. It also shows which system services are currently running for svchost.exe..


In addition to this Prio has the following features.

Set and save a process priority

Normally whenever you set a process priority, it will reset back to Normal when you restart Windows. Prio puts an option in Task Manager to let Task Manager remember the process’s priority when Windows starts next time.

Access Windows Services from Task Manager

Prio adds a tab in Task Manager from which you access Windows services.

Access Windows TCP/IP processes from Task Manager

Prio also adds an additional TCP/IP tab to Task Manager which will display all established TCP connections and all open ports (TCP and UDP).  Statistical data including the number of bytes sent and received, and the bit rate are displayed for each connection.

Verify digitial signature of processes running with Task Manager

After installing Prio, you would also notice that in Task Manager most of the process are highlighted in green. Those green processes are verified because it has a digital signature. Those that don’t have one will be highlighted in red. If you are sure about the origin of a process while its executable file has no digital signature, you can mark is as valid using the “Treat As Valid” menu item and it will be highlighted in green.

Prio is free for personal use. It is compact and it installs like device driver so you need not start it manually everytime you want to use it.

[ Download Prio ]


  1. Great program. Many thanks to the developer.
    It is a must for advanced Windows XP user.

    This complements the biggest shortcoming of windows XP’s Task Manager. I googled so many times for such program, downloaded, installed and tested many freeware task manager, but ultimately PRIO gave me the peace of mind.


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