MSN offers a Passport unique ID for each account. Do you know how to find your Passport Uniqu ID of MSN ?

Firstly, for those who do not know, what Passport Unique ID is, here is more information about it :

If you have a MSN Live Hotmail account, then MSN provides each one of you a Passport Unique ID. This ID is used to store a cookie on your local system. The use of this cookie is that it helps as an authenticator to check if ‘YOU’ are the same person logging and using the MSN messenger acount.

What happens to my Passport Unique ID if I delete my MSN account and create a new one ?

As the Passport Unique ID is supposed to be unique, you’ll get a new Passport ID, which is different from the previous one and which is not used by anyone else, other than you !

One simple use of Passport Unique MSN ID is that it helps you save all information about you (related to MSN / Hotmail), on your system.

For example, if you are using a tool, MSN backup, to save all your MSN emoticons and avatars, then you’ll be prompted to key in your Unique MSN ID. At a later point, when you want to recover the emoticons or avatars for any reason, you’ll need to key in the same number and your messenger will have access to the back up, which will be restored as per your instructions.

How to Find you own Passport Unique ID

Login to your MSN Hotmail account and navigate to the page where you have your personal information. Scroll till you find Work location, after which you will find “Unique ID” – A 16 digit unique number which is your “Password Unique ID” of your MSN account!

How Can I Find My MSN Passport Unique ID

Write this down or store it in a place where others (if anyone else uses your computer), will not find it easily. This will come handy if u need to take a back-up or restore you MSN messenger related data !

** Update **

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  1. hi usman have you been succeeded to get your hotmail account with the help of unique id?
    let me know im having some sort of problem.

    anyone please let me know how can i sign in if i dont recall my actuall password of hotmail account??
    please help me


    imran ahmed

  2. Thanks for sharing this actually, I've been wondering what the Unique ID is. I couldn't seem to find it.


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