How Can I find personal passport details of a person ?

There is this funny thing that’s all over the internet these days. A service where they claim that they have information about everyone’s passport from all the countries.

Link :

I am surprised that people fall pray to such stupid pranks! There is no way you can digg out anyones Passport information. Just imagine what havoc it would create if that was possible !

Following this, there are chances that other people may come with model / websites where they ask you for your personal details. Whenever you deal with such websites you should be very careful about the information you input. Ensure you do not give your bank details, SSN or any other personal information, which can be used against you.

My 2 cents !


  1. please sent passport details of pedapudi veralakshmi d/o sreeramulu mamidikuduru post &village east godavari a.p


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