Amit has written an interesting post on how to find the latitude and longitude using address of a place in Google maps. It is a simple, easy to find step-by-step tutorial.

But amit has gone wrong in that post. The latitude and longitude of the place you are looking for can be extracted from the link to the map. The link for the map can be found next to the Print and Send button, on the right top corner of the map.

Now I tried this, and I did Amit’s steps and failed to achieve what I intended to. I was doing everything right, but I ended up in the wrong place always.A careful observation at the URL revealed where the problem was.

Let us take this example :,+Paris,+France&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=30.268266,79.101563&ie=UTF8&ll=48.858278,2.29449&spn=0.002894,0.009656&z=17&iwloc=E

The first ll we encounter is the “from” latitude & longitude and the second ll we encounter¬† is the “from” latitude & longitude. I was searching for Eiffel Tower Paris France. When we search the first time, “From” Latitude is always 37.0625,and longitude is -95.677068. I could not decode which place this points to. The second latitude and longitude in the URL, ie 48.858278,2.29449 respectively is the correct latitude and longitude.

You can verify the correctness with the second query. I was at Mahatma Gandhi Road Bangalore, and I searched and reached Eiffel Tower Paris France :,+Paris,+France&sll=12.975955,77.609417&sspn=0.009075,0.019312&g=12.974784,77.609417&ie=UTF8&ll=48.858186,2.294437&spn=0.002894,0.009656&z=17&iwloc=E

Here the first ‘ll’ ( 12.975955, 77.609417 ) will lead you to Mahatma Gandhi, Bangalore and the second ‘ll’ ( 48.858186, 2.294437 ) points to Eiffel Tower Paris France.

Update #1: Found two sites which help you find the latitude and longitude of your house easily:



Update #2: A lot of people are coming in searching information about latitude and longitude. These links will help them :

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