Format the text in your E-mails in Microsoft Outlook. Formatting the text makes your mail look more attractive, easier to read and adds emphasis to your emails.

Formatting done the E-mail is passed on to the end recipient/s. The mails can be formatted in two ways :

HTML : A language used to design webpages for the WWW. There are a lot of options in Microsoft Outlook to format in HTML syle.

RTF : Rich Text Format, a special format developed by Microsoft specifically for E-Mails, using which you can format the content with attributes like bold, italic, different fonts, graphics and such.

However, you should know that if the recipient does not have an e-mail client that handles all the special formatting you’ve done, then they’ll receive the mail in plain text format.

You can format the text after you type the content, or you can select the font, style, size and other attributes and then type the content.

In order to format the text in your mail, you need to have the Formatting toolbar shown. To see the Formatting toolbar, click on View in the Message Window, select Toolbar and then click Formatting.

If the E-Mail message format is plain text, then formatting toolbar buttons won’t work. The message format should be either HTML or Rich Text Format for the formatting toolbar buttons to work.


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