How Can I Get My Favorite Image / Photo / Sketch Printed On A T-Shirt, Mug And Other Accessories

Let’s say you have made a rough sketch, which has come out very cute. Now you are interested in getting in printed it on your T-shirt. There are a few services that let you print your design on you T-shirt.

But before going ahead with any of the service, make sure your design is suitable to be printed on T-shirt, else the print won’t turn up good !

If it’s a high quality image then there is nothing much you have to do, but if it is a sketch then you’ll have to get your sketch scanned. Go to your nearest local scanning center to get this done. One this is done, you’ll need to make the sketch crisp and to do this you’ll need a software like illustrator.

Open the image in illustrator, choose from menu – Object / Live / Trace / Make. This will bolden the lines. This works if your image is simple and has fewer lines. If your image has complex lines and curves, then you’ll need a use a pen tool.

Here are some of the good pen tool resources / exercises that will teach you how to achieve this :



3> Video :

Once you have a clear, crisp image, you can use any of the services listed below to get your image imprinted on T Shirt of your choice (Actually you have more options than just the T-Shirt 🙂 ):





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