How Can I Get Rid Of Antivirus 2009 ?

Antivirus 2009 is one of the most horrid spyware, which bugs you if you have it on your system.

If you somehow managed to get Antivirus 2009 on your system, there is nothing to worry as this can be uninstalled from your system.

You’ll need Malwarebytes on your system to get rid of Antivirus 2009. In all possibilities, Antivirus 2009, won’t let you access the malware bytes site. In such a situation, download it on to another machine and transfer it to your system using an USB drive.

Now when you try to install malwarebytes, the antivirus 2009 mostly won’t let you install the program, just do this:

1> Right click on the installer
2> Go to Properties
3> Rename the installer to “name-of-your-choice.exe” and double click on it and try to run it.

If that too doesn’t work, this may:

1> Right click on the shortcut of Malwarebytes
2> Go to Properties
3> Go to ‘Find Target‘ and try renaming it and then double click on it to run it.

If it still doesn’t work, please leave a message with the actual problem u are facing and I will try and come up with a solution.

Useful resource:

This video on how to get rid of antivirus 2009 is very helpful.


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