Twitter is a well known word in the world of internet. To add some spice in it, iTwitter for iPhone and iPod touch (3.0 and above OS) has been launched in the market. It has many features that are similar to other Twitter applications like accessing timelines, direct messages, mentions (@ replies), favorites, following and follower lists etc. iTwitter is equipped with easy-to-use interface.

iTwitter comes with many exciting features but the is one exclusive feature known as PUSH feature which shows a message pop up on your iPhone main screen. So the next time you get a tweet from anyone, your iPhone screen will show you the update. It is similar to some instant messaging clients like IM+. This helps you view tweets in real time on your iPhone by just clicking on the notification. Twitter users always feel the excitements of their tweets and have always wished for instant tweets anytime, anywhere and iTwitter is one of the first twitter clients to bring this amazing feature.

Features of iTwitter

* Handles multiple Twitter accounts
* Displays nearby tweets
* Integrated with TwitPic using an inline viewer and option to upload photos
* Easy re-tweet option
* A landscape keyboard
* Customized searches
* Tweets arranged in conversational threads (similar to Gmail conversations)
* Tweets cached for viewing offline
* Uses secured connection (https)
* Support for Twit longer

ITwitter can be installed in iPhones having OS 3.0 or above versions.

Download iTwitter.


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