Western Digital’s WD TV Live and WD TV Live Plus are 2 well known media streaming units. They are different in the fact that they have now come out with new; better functioning in line with users’ demands with an update for Facebook users too. This allows them to:-

  1. Facebook users can easily connect with family and friends via Facebook.
  2. Upload photos and videos.
  3. Share their status.
  4. View their wall.
  5. Get latest updates on news Feed and other entertainment options……..

All this via their HDTV right at home!

You can also find added new features like – Deezer – a personalized on-demand music service; Flingo – a free internet TV from leading studios, TV networks and video websites; Accuweather – a weather forecasting service; and USB wireless keyboard support – use any popular wireless keyboard with USB dongle to easily update Facebook status and perform YouTube[R] searches.

The best news is that these units are now being made to accept USB wireless keyboards through USB dongle enabling Facebook and YouTube apps. You can avail updates for free, can even download and install effortlessly, to increase the functioning of WD media streamers. This also proves that WD is well aware of its customers’ needs and works to fulfill them.

Costing $129.99 each, WD media players and the TV Live media players are available worldwide while the TV live Plus is strictly meant for US and Canada only. These media streamers having picked some much needed functionality with Facebook is a highlighted addition. Also users can now immediately rent out or purchase outright the latest movie released the same day as they can be available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc via the Blockbuster on Demand service.


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