In my previous post I wrote about whos Amung Us, a service that provides webmasters / bloggers with details of visitors online in real time.

Update: Read this post if you want to hide jaascript stats.

Anybody can see the stats and some webmasters do not like sharing this info with every one.

First lets look at How You Can Hide Whos Amung Us Stats to your visitors :

1> Go To Whos.Amung.Us

2> Under getting started select “Non Javascript

3> You’ll find a code which will look something like :

<a href=”<unique-set-key>/”><img src=”<unique-set-key>.png” width=”81″ height=”29″ border=”0″ title=”Click to see how many people are online” /></a>

4> Make sure you bookmark the URL of your stats page so that you’ll be able to see the Stats later on. Exclude the image part from the above code and the code will look like :

<img src=”<unique-set-key>.png” width=”81″ height=”29″ border=”0″ />

This will ensure it removes the hyperlink and only you’ll be able to see the stats by using the Stats URL which you would have bookmarked by now.

Now Lets see how you can see someone’s hidden Whos Amung Us Stats :

1> You’ll see that a site / blog has whos amung us installed on them, but you won’t be able to click on the link, it’ll be just an image showing number of visitors online currently.

2> Right click and open the image in a new window.

Here there can be two possibilities :

a> the widget can be a general one with out any customization, which’ll look like :<unique-set-key>.png

b> and if the widget is customized will look like :<unique-set-key>/ffc20e000000.png

3> Place the <unique-set-key> of the image in the link below :<unique-set-key>/

and hit enter. You’ll get to see the stats of any website implementing Whos Amung Us 🙂


  1. @Bob – Statcounter provides you with an option to hide the stats. I’ll write up about it in a bit and let you know how to do it.


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