There’s no way Facebook allows you to access phonebook. If you always wanted to import your phonebook in Facebook on to your cell phone, you can now do it. There is no direct way to do this as this is now supported bye Facebook itself, but there is a workaround to get this done without breaching Facebook’s Terms of Service.

1> Download the latest version of Opera Mini and install it on your system.

2> Login to facebook and go to

3> Click on Phonebook.

4> There you’ll see your friends list and their numbers.

How Can I Import Facebook

5> You can save your friends information by going to Menu –> Tools –> Save Page. You can always open the page later on by opening opera mini whenever you want.

6> To call your friend, open Opera mini, go to Menu –> Tools –> Find in Page and search for your friends name. Once you find the your friend who you want to call, click on their number and call them.

This is not the perfect way to do it, but a work around worth trying if you have a huge list of friends in your phonebook and want the list in your cellphone.


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